Keywords = performance
Number of Articles: 6


Strategies to Enhancing employee engagement and their role in achieving high performance for business organizations

Volume 5, Issue 9, Spring 2013, Page 72-106
Husheem . F. Al abady


the effect of Information Technology Alignment on performance of a sample taken from small business companies in Thi-Qar

Volume 3, Issue 5, Spring 2010, Page 116-149


The importance of visual management strategies in improving the level of university learning performance

Volume 1, Issue 3, Autumn 2007, Page 84-117
Hashem F. Al Abadi


The Role of Six sigma in improving the total performance to Hospital

Volume 3, Issue 6, Autumn 2010, Page 26-52
Zainab S. Akar


The role of the operatitons of the knowledge management in enhancing the performance management

Volume 4, Issue 8, Autumn 2012, Page 98-126
Nawal Y. Mohamed


The role of the principles of total quality management in improving Institutional performance in hospitals of the Basra

Volume 8, Issue 15, Autumn 2015, Page 299-313
Radi A. Ali; Rafed A. Majeed