Volume & Issue: Volume 0, Issue 9, Spring 2017, Page 1-258  XML


The growth of the prophet ( peace be upon him ) in Saad tribe

Page 1-38
Jawad Kadhim AL- Naser alla


Abdul Mutalib Bin Hashim A study for his president of Quraish tribe and Munafara and his belief

Page 39-84
Ali Saleh AL Muhammadawi


The prophet Ibrahim AL- Khalil ( peace be upon him ) the historical identity

Page 85-104
Adel Hashim Ali


The reasonal improvement and uglifying in AL-Muatazila

Page 105-124
Menem Abdul Rahim Hamid


Al Soyoti and his procedure in writing the History of Kaliphs.

Page 125-147
Majid Abdul Hamid Abdul Razzaq


The Islamic call party from Al Imam Al Khumaini political movement and Revolution 1963 -1979.

Page 148-176
Imad meklf assal AL-Badran


Al Sagbani Army in the light of the unpuplished Otmani Documents

Page 177-194
Ammar Mohammed Kazem Faraj


The Prophets Detachment before Al Hudaibia peace .

Page 195-238
adeel esmael kaleel


Maysan State 324 B.C (225 A.C) as being one of the Ancient Arab Gulf states .

Page 239-258
mohsen moshkl fahad aL hajaj