Volume & Issue: Volume 0, Issue 10, Spring 2017, Page 1-295  XML


Al Basrah in the Omawi Era through the Kufian Ibn Athams book Al fotoh .

Page 1-11
Abdul ameer Abdul Dquisn


Hamid Ali Al Bazi 1920 -1995 and his role in the documentation of Basrah History

Page 12-22
Ibrahim Khalil AL- Allaf


Basrah in the trip of the Italian Dilavalih in the seventh century .

Page 23-34
Tariq Nafi al-Hamdani


Al Basrah Properties in Ibn Al Faqih Al Hamadanis book (Al Buldan ).

Page 35-50
sabah Ibrahim AL- Sheikhly


The Professor Dr. Fadil Hussein as being a historian and Politian .

Page 51-68
Sami Abdel-Hafiz al-Qaisi


Autobiography of Dr Mohammad Nasir Al Othmaan.

Page 69-74
Farouk Saleh AL- omar


The Intternational Relations of Russian and Soviet Union with the Arab Gulf States : Author professor Dr. Mustafa Abdul Qadir Al Najjar .

Page 75-81
saleh mohameed saleh


Dr Abdul Jalil Al Tahir (1917 -1971) and his book (Maserat Al Mughtamah ).

Page 82-98
lazem lafta AL- Maliki


Mohammad Bin Khalifa Al Nabhani and the part associated with Basrah in his Book Altuhfa Al nabhania in the History of Arabia .

Page 99-126
layla yaseen AL-amiri and basim hameza abass


Al Asmais Effort in reporting the news and the Historical Stories .

Page 127-145
iIyad Abdel Majid Ibrahim


The late Professor Dr. Munzir Abdul Karim Al Bakir : Astudy in his Biography and scientific Life .

Page 146-166
suhyla maree marzok


Al Basrah in the view of the Historian Al Tabari .

Page 167-180
Abdul Karim Azzedine Sadiq al-Araji


The Judge Al Tanokhi : his life and some Sides of his Publications.

Page 181-191
Sabih Nuri kalf


Reader Fisher ,Basrah and the Dream of the Gulf Republic :Reading in his thoughts and Assumptions .

Page 192-202
Ammarm Fadeel hamza


Imam Al Mawardi : His life and role in the Events of his own age .

Page 203-227
Adel Ismail Khalil


Visiting Record of the Abbasid Library .

Page 228-232
Ihsan Wafiq AL-Samarrai


The Biography of the writer Husain Khalaf Al shaikh Khazal :Kuwait Political History .

Page 233-244
Jaber Jalil Jaber


Alaxander Adamov and his book :Al Basrah Province in its Past and present time .

Page 245-256
Khawla taleb lafta


Al Basrah Through the Travelers books in the Third and Fourth hijri centuries , the Ninth and Tenth after the crist Birth .

Page 257-270
Sana Abdullah Aziz al-Tai


Al Zubair District : Astudy in the Human Geography for the Author Dawood Jasim Al Rubai .

Page 271-295
Ibrahim Ali al-Issawi