Volume & Issue: Volume 0, Issue 14, Summer 2017, Page 1-341  XML


Wedding and engagement in the Arab-Muslim community until the end of the second century AH

Page 1-76


Foreclosure by Arabs of ignorance and the position of Islam him

Page 77-136
Saleema Kazem Hussein


Trade in the medieval Islamic era . see methodology in problematic and sources

Page 137-154
Abd-Alhakim Genthab Alkaabi


Evidence of the existence of God and proof of the world by the Kindi

Page 155-222
Ali Hadi Taher


Sultan Ghazan and laws according to Islamic law and Mughal Eliassa

Page 223-260
Faisal Kadhim Ahmed and sablla Talal Yassin


Kuwait's position of the Egyptian expansion in the Arabian Gulf 1818-1840

Page 261-312
Hussein Ali Obaid Al Mostafa and Rafeed Abdul Redha Eilan AL- Khafaji


The impact of geographical factors in the emergence and development of pillar industries in the city of Basra in the Islamic era

Page 313-341
Ibrahim Ali al-Issawi