Volume & Issue: Volume 0, Issue 18, Summer 2017, Page 1-408  XML


Padis the city of the country side in Morrco

Page 1-24
Omar Ashhabar


Economic dependence in Islam between theory and practice)

Page 25-62
Alaa Abd ul Hammed Faisal; Shukri Nasir Abdul Hasan


The Geographical Thought of Zuhri and his efforts to show the of Andalus historical Aspect through his famous Book " Geography "

Page 63-107
sabah khabit Azeez Saeed


Isolationism and Mysticism in Basrah and the Influence of the Remains of the coming CuLts from the East Since the Beginnig of the First Abbasid Period

Page 108-130
Abd ul Ridha Jiad AL Huseinawy


The Strategy of Consultation at the beginning of Islam

Page 131-229
Adil Ismaeal Khalil


The Role of India in the Separation of Eastern Pakistan 1971 and the Attitude of The Soviet union

Page 230-258
khawla Talib Lafta


The redemption of Muslim prisoners of Christians in Andale's until the end of the age of sects (103-481h / 721-1088m)

Page 259-300
Hussain J. Mechatel


Social Pronauns in the Akadia Language

Page 301-352
Adil Hashim


Political Development in India (1905-1918)

Page 353-383
Sabla Talal yaseen


Study in its The Labour Movement in Iraq: A Political Trends

Page 384-408
Majid Salman Hussain