Volume & Issue: Volume 0, Issue 21, Autumn 2017, Page 1-385  XML


Proofing the Prophecy of Mohamed “peace be upon him” through the Psalms of David and the New Testament.

Page 1-14
Prof. Dr. Rachid Khahoose


People's reactions to the community Kufi and Shami during and after the tuff and political implications on the Umayyad dynasty

Page 15-58
Asst .Prof. Dr. KefayahTarsh Al- Ali


Political End caliph Ahkam God shed Minister during his reign (495-524 AH/1101-1129 AD)by virtue of the lead at the Fatimid state

Page 59-92
Asst .Prof. Dr. Ali Saddam Nasr Allah


Quraish`s Embargo on Bani Hashim in Abi Talib`s sheib

Page 93-124
Asst .Prof. Dr. Muhsin Mishkil Fahad


policy of Vnited States of America Towarels Polanal(1974-1969)

Page 125-178
Lect. Dr .Abbadi Ahmed Abbadi


The position of the European troika on lrans nuclear program1997-2009

Page 179-210
Dr. faraqid dawood salman


The American Economic Interests in Iran in the Era of Reza Shahpahlawi

Page 211-280
Lect . Haider Abdilwahid Nasir AL Humaidawy


policy of vnited stales Chinese Invasion to Vietnam in 1979

Page 281-322
Asst .Lect. Widad Salim Mohmmad


The good omen in morocco and Andalus

Page 323-342
Asst . Lect. Afaq Lazeem Abdlu Latef


Postcolonial Binary Oppositions in Spivak's "Can the Subaltern Speak?"

Page 343-385
Researcher. Tamara Alattiya; Dr. Hanaa Al-Bayyati