Volume & Issue: Volume 0, Issue 22, Autumn 2017, Page 1-382  XML


The role of moshashian in development of Arabic poetry in the south of iran and iraq

Page 1-18
Asst .Prof. Dr. Rasool Balawi


Some examples of prophecy era’s women’s love to the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him

Page 19-42
Prof. Dr. Rachid Kohouss


Muabi Rrligion in the old Testament and historical givwns

Page 43-66
Prof. Dr. Saad Aboud SammarAsst. Lect .Maytham Ali Abdul Hassan


The Cultural blending be tureen Talisman and Andalusia -Crafts as a case study-

Page 67-80
Asst .Prof. Dr. Sacaco Huriyah Researcher. Maaiez Abdul kadher


(The Role of the Soviet Union in the Surrender of Japan 1945)

Page 81-114
Asst .Prof. Dr. Hyder Abdul Reda Hassan


Lydia under the Achaemenid -almekdona- alslloukih control (547 – 133 B.c)

Page 115-168
Asst .Prof. Dr. Iman Shamkhi Jabir


Science of the Quran at Imam al-Hasan al-Mujtaba (ealayhalslam)

Page 169-200
Asst .Prof. Dr. JASIM Mohammad Ali AL-Ghurabi


Mubahala of the prophet with the deligation of the Christian of Najran.

Page 201-230
Asst .Prof. Dr. Muhsin Mishkil AL. Hijjaj


Policy of United States of American Towards Yugoslavia ( 1969-1972 ) in Terms the American Documents

Page 231-268
Asst. Prof Dr . Ibadi Ahmed ibadi Asst . Prof. Dr. Ayman k. Hachem


Sayid Ahmed Khan and his Political Role in India (1863-1898)

Page 269-296
Dr. Zeinab Kadhim Ahmed; Asst .Prof. Dr.Sibla Talal Yaseen


(The Efffect of Jewish (Ahal El Kitab) on Islamic Rule and Opposition in the Rashidi Era)

Page 297-352
Lect. Dr.Abdul Moneim Abdul Jabbar Ali


Armenian issue and its impact on Turkish-US relations 1980-1991

Page 353-382
Asst. Lect . Abbas Fenjan Saddam