Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 21, Summer 2018, Page 1-400  XML


The Role Granda Women in the Cultural Life 635-897AH/1232-1492 AD

Page 1-24
Researcher. Sarah Ramzi Nema Hussein; Prof. Dr. Esam Qatte Dawood AL-Ahweli


Repentance in Islam From The Theft Until the end Of the Umayyad period (Historical Study)

Page 25-54
Prof. Dr. Rahiem Heloo Mohammed Albehadli Researcher. Asmaa kadhem Abbas


History Domacan Republic 1492-1844

Page 55-88
Asst.Lect. Lutfi Jmeel Muhammad; Prof. Dr. Tipa Khalaf Abdullah


Roots and features are the student movement1926-1941 in Iran

Page 89-120
Prof. Dr. LaylaYassin Hussain Researcher. Majid Mutar Abbas


Bully Alackheh Social Role Through The Journey Of Ibn Battuta in the eighth century AH/ fourteenth AD

Page 121-144
Prof. Dr. Jawad Kazem AL-Nasrallah Researcher. Sarah Abdul Razzaq Al-Asadi


Consolation Ceremonies of Arabs before Islm

Page 145-186
Dua Husein Abdul- Jaleel; Asst .Prof. Dr. Rabab Jabbar Alsudani Researcher


The moral be havior al-hejab for women in the Torat

Page 187-214
Saba Ali Abdul Alhussein; Asst .Prof. Dr. Kifaya Tarish AL-Ali Researcher


The British efforts to conciliate Ajami Saadoun(1914-1918)

Page 215-240
Researcher. Noor Hassan Khalaf ALataby; Asst .Prof. Dr. Khulood Abdul- Latif Abdul- Wahab


Position of the United States of America from Belgrade Conference of the States Non Aligned 1-6 September 1961.

Page 241-268
a Razzaq Fadhil; Asst .Prof. Dr. Nadhim Reshm Researcher. MatuqAla


Uprising in East Germany 1953

Page 269-322
Asst .Prof. Dr. . Hussein Abdel-Qader Mohi AL- Tamimi; Researcher. Saad Ali Hassan AL-Asadi


Assayida Umm Ul – Banin Fatimah bintHuzam Al – Kulabiya (peace be upon her): A study of her Biography and Respected status

Page 323-374
aimah; Asst .Prof. Dr. Sabeeh Nuri Khalaf Researcher. Aalaa Hasan T


khmgin rote of the intellectual in Andalusia(138-635 AH / 755- 1237 AD) (Koran sciences amotel)

Page 375-400
Asst .Prof. Dr. Ali sadam nasr Alah Researcher .Dunea Waleed Zachee