Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 23, Autumn 2018, Page 1-444  XML


The impact of the political factor on historical writing trends ( general history books as a model )

Page 1-36
Prof. Dr. jasim Yaseen Al drweesh Asst. Lect. Nidhal Mummed Kamber


Mental sciences in the book (briefing in the news of Granada) medicine ,chemist and astronomy as a model

Page 37-64
Researcher. Aala Jamil Sailh; Prof. Dr. Issam Gataa Al shuwailly


the Prophet(peace be upon him) was created in the Holy Quran

Page 65-90
Asst. Lect . Hassan Thageb Muheel; Prof. Dr. Ali Salih Risan


AL Fatimi Minister Yacoub bin Kalas (318-380)H (930-990)A His biography his lif

Page 91-120
Researcher. Dhiaa Kadhim Salih; Prof. Dr.Ketham abd Antiysh


The Priority of The Creation of Heaven Crumbings Allegiance Ghadeer Khum

Page 121-152
Assist Prof. Dr .Rabab Jabar ALSodani Researcher. Doaa Adnan Ramadhan


Abdul Qadir Bash Ayan and social role in Basra (1919 – 1946 )

Page 153-178
Assist. Prof. Dr. Anwar Gaspe Shanta Researcher. Abdulqader Rahim


The fighter king Alvonso and his role in themovement of the invasion of theSpanish (499 – 529 / 1104 – 1134 )

Page 179-232
Lect . Qassim abed Saadoun; Assist Prof. Dr. Anssam Gadban abboud


AL Sa`ad Bin Obada AL Khazraji AL Ansary `s Family

Page 233-278
Researcher; Ali; Assist Prof. Dr. Kifaya Tarish AL; Noor Fadhil kadhim


Russian position of the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 and its impact on Russian relations - US

Page 279-310
Assist Lect . Muntaha S. Maula; Assist Prof. Dr. Mishaal M. Dhahir


Business and Professions practiced by Basri Women (14 A. H – 132 A. H)

Page 311-324
Researcher .Rusul Adil Ni; Assist Prof. Dr. Sabeeh N. K. Al-Hilfir


The descent of Bani Mardneeshand their Social Status

Page 325-370
Assist. Prof. Dr. Husain Jabbar Mchatil; Researcher. Jabir Khalifa Jabir


Educational services in the province Amarah (1958-1963)

Page 371-408
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ammar Mohammed Kadhim Researcher. Thu Alfikar Farhan Hussein


Administrative Envoys arrived to Abbasia House( 132 – 334 / 749 – 945 )

Page 409-444
Researcher . Malik Kadhum Mohammed Al maliki