Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, Autumn 2008, Page 12-186  XML


Population Composition Relating to Some Anemia and Malnutrition Diseases in Basra, Iraq : A study in Medical Geography Assit.Prof.

Page 12-42
Amal Saleh Aboud


The Role of Tax Policy in Achieving Price Stability in Iraq

Page 43-63
Dr. Tawfiqu Sabri Al. merayati


New Study of Umru Alkais love Poetry narration

Page 64-82
Dr.Jinan Mohamad Abduljalil


European Relations with Iran : Current Developments and Future Prospects

Page 83-114
Lecturer Dr. Fahd Mizban Khazar AlKhazar


The Role of Salalah Port Developments in the Growth of Re-Exporting Commerce in Oman

Page 115-131
Lecturer Yehia Hmoud Hassan; Assit .Lecturer.Ahmed Saddam Abdulsahib


The Effect of Virtual Teaching in Arab Gulf States : Basrah as a Model

Page 132-167
Assit Lecturer Muneera Mehdi Muhsin; Assit Lecturer Kholoud Musa Omran


Administrative authority

Page 179-186
Hiba Abdul Zahra