Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 1, Summer 2007, Page 5-205  XML


Difficulties the pronunciation of English Proper Nouns Encountered by Advanced Iraqi Learner

Page 5-31
Mahmood; Assist. Lecture Isra; Assist. Prof. Dr. Balqis I.G


Attitudes toward English pedagogical Study

Page 32-50
Amin L. Gailan


A Study of Coherence in the Writings of EFL Advanced Iraqi Learners

Page 51-74
Nada Salih Ridha; Rana Abdul-Sattar Abid


Linguistic analysis of some of propaganda leaflets dropped by air on Iraq Between 1990 and 1991

Page 75-108
Ramadhan M. Sadkhan


The impact of literacyon sociolhnguistic variation in Khasibi iraqi Arabic

Page 109-133
Abdul Al-Hameed M. Dafar