Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 1, Autumn 2010, Page 5-244  XML


Continuity of the dialogue: psychosocial research Mistakes that usually English language students

Page 5-16
D.Raad S. Hassan


Rhetorical efforts to Ali Issa Rummani (d. 386 AH) in his letter:Jokes in the trunks of the Koran

Page 5-27
Hanaa Abdel Rahim al-Rubaie


The image of Islam and Muslims in medieval literature With a focus on the story of a man elimination of the poet Geoffrey Jusr

Page 17-106
Abdu-Al-Sattar A. Mall- Allah


Transience and human concern trip and read in the office revealed disappearing Sami Mahdi

Page 61-91
D. Ali Ramadan. M. Inas Abdel Rahim Ramadan


Problems facing the government secondary school administrations in the West Bank

Page 92-113
D. Jamal Baheese


Bodenhid Wilson Mark bleak

Page 107-120
D.Ali Madhlum Hussein


Impact use strategies Altdrisatin (Example - definition - not an example) (Definition - for example) in the collection of technical institute students in mathematics

Page 114-127
D.Abdul-Al-Wahid M. Ahmad and Kuwla H. Hussein


Optimality of Diminutive Forms in Modern Standard Arabic

Page 121-138
D.Bulqis E. Al- Rashid


Type the text and the performance of students in the absorption

Page 139-153
Saad Gaspe Dagher


Learning styles to raise the level of academic achievement Among middle school students

Page 148-162
D. Abdul-Zahra A.Al- Badran


An Investigation Prospective Teacher’s Attitudes to Using Literature in the EFL Classroom

Page 154-168
Mahdi M. muhammad


Alsqalbh Study in their general conditions in Andalusia

Page 163-183
Muhson M. al-Hajaj and Anssam G. Abuod


Islam before the Prophet's noble mission in the Holy Quran story of the Cave Model (search III

Page 184-220
D.Ali S. Resen


Geographical analysis of the future dimensions of the functions of city Hartha

Page 221-244
D. Jawad Sandal Jazaa d. Hamid Ghaleb Ajil