Volume & Issue: Volume 38, Issue 4, Autumn 2013, Page 13-245  XML


Filled Pauses as a Differentiating Marker between Spontaneous and Read-aloud Speech as Produced by Iraqi EFL Learners

Page 13-40
Noor Shatti Mohan Prof. Balqis I. G. Rashid


The Evolution of platonic and Sifi love

Page 15-36
Saddam Fahad Al-Asadi and Abdul Hussein Barghash Abid Ali


The Image of Hypocrisy in the Holy Hadeeth:A Rhetorical Study

Page 39-56
Fali Hamah ahmed and Ammar Maki Mohsin


The Protagonist's Unpredictability in Dickens's "Great Expectations" Part Two , in Terms of Greimas's "Actantial Model" : A Study in Literary Discourse

Page 43-80
Nissrine Jabbar Hussain Prof. Majeed H. Jassim


Vowel Structure: A Morphophonemic Study

Page 59-80
Saiwan Khudhair Khalaf


Conceptual/Cognitive Metaphor Theory:Some Insights into Metaphorical Conceptual Mappings in Poetry

Page 83-104
Jinan F. B. Al-Hajaj


Modena War 1919-1922onference and its Role in Ending the Othman

Page 85-106
Kadhim Baqir Ali and Husein Abdul Kadhim


Some Aspects from the Life of the Household(PBUT) According to some Sufi Books

Page 109-130
Adil Ismail Khaleel and Ala; Hameed Faisal


The political development in theIndian Islamic Kingdom of Odah Durin the era of Ghazi Al-deen Haider1814-1872

Page 133-160
Kadhim Hailan Mohsen Al-Sahlani and Asaad Hameed Abu Shanna


The Attitude of anchorite from the Development of the political Situations in Basrah During the Ammawiyyat Period

Page 163-188
Adil Ismail Khaleel


Unemployment in Qatar According to the Population Count of 2010

Page 193-210
Sadiq Jaafar Ibraheem and Shukriya Abdullah Kareem


Economic Sectors in Qatar According to the Population Count of 2010

Page 213-226
Sadiq Jaafar Ibraheem and Shukriya Abdullah Kareem


Legislative Structure in the Federal Regimes in Iraq and Malaysia: A Geographic Contrastive Study

Page 229-245
Dhahir Abdul Zahra Al-Rubaei and Thanaa Ibraheem Fadhil Al-Shammary