Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 3, Summer 2015, Page 11-198  XML


The Role of Culture in Foreign Language Teaching with Special Reference to "Iraq Opportunities" Textbooks for the Intermediate

Page 11-28
Isam Hoobi Nasir and Dr. Jameel Qasim Hamee


Analytic Study of Al-Dhoha and Al-Inshirah Soras

Page 13-28
Dr.Aqeel Abdul Zahra Al-Khaqani


Attitude Markers in the Writing of EFL Learners: A Pragma-Stylistic Study

Page 29-44
Qadir Muhammad Shakir; Dr. Intisar A. Abdul


The Methodology of Researchers in Dealing with the Grammar of the Holy Quraan in the Dissertations and Theses of Basrah University

Page 29-58
Dr.Salim Yaqob Yousef and Mohammed Shallal Naema


Shortening In English As Recognized By Iraqi EFL Learners AT The University Level : A Perceptual Study *

Page 45-74
Prof .Dr. Balqis I.G.Al-Rashid Furqan Abdul-Ridha Kareem


The Relationship between the Assyrians Kings and the Mannaes Kings

Page 61-82
Dr.Abdul Ghali Faris


The Cities of Eastern Dead Sea 1500B.C.-500B.C.

Page 83-98
Dr.Ali Salih Risan and Amir Abdul Lateef Hussein


Al-Ghadeer Book by Mohammed bin Jareer Al-Tabari (d.922 A.C., 310 A.H.): A Verification Study

Page 99-124
Dr.Shakir Majeed Kadhim and Yasameen Salim Sanad


Using NDVI in the Simulation of Green Lands In Zubair by Using GSI

Page 127-152
Dr.Hassan Addai Karam Allah


Cancer Patients Mortalities in Basrah 2003-2012

Page 153-176
Dr.Usama Hameed Majeed


The Effect of Materialistic Reinforcement in the Psychological Construction of Mute people in Al-Amal Institute, Basrah 2013-2014

Page 179-198
Dr.Hana Abdul Nibi Quban and Farahat Abbas Farhan