Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Page 5-285  XML


The Perception and Interpretation of English Tones by Iraqi Learners at the University Level: A Statistical Study

Page 5-25
Alaa Abdul-Imam A. Ar-Riyahi


The Use and Connotation of “Laisa” in Nahj Al-Balagha

Page 5-38
Abbas Falih Hassan


Investigating Cross-Linguistic and Cultural Differences in Refusal Speech Act among Iraqi Speakers Speaking English and American Native Speakers

Page 26-53
Nawrass Sabah AL-Mudhafar


The Exclusiveness and Comprehensiveness of the Legislation of Rules in the Holy Quraan

Page 39-78
Dr.Hassan Kadhim Asad and Mohammed Shallal Nawma


Arabic Translations of English Non-Finite Clauses in Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea": A Reading into Four Translations of the Novel

Page 54-91
Lecturer; Nada Salih Abdul-Ridha; Mahdi Mohsin Mohammed AL-Asadi Lecturer


Shaykh Mosa Al-Yaacobi (1926-1982): A Historic Study

Page 79-95
Riyadh Ghani Mahmoud


The Andalusian City of Astroqa in the Islamic Era 94-390 A.H.-712-999 A.C

Page 96-114
Dr. Jassim Yaseen Al-Darweesh and Hussein Jabbar Al-Olayawi


The Declaration of the Policy of Confrontation in Indonesia and the Appearance of Malaysian Federation

Page 115-145
Dr.Kadhim Hailan Mohsin and Fatima Jassim Mohammed


Constructing a Sample of Spatial Accordance by RS and GIS

Page 146-181
Dr. Tariq Jumaa Al-Mola and Jomaa Mubarek Al-Khafaji


Spatial Variance for Sesame and Millet in Misan 2004-2014

Page 182-200
Salah Ali Hamza


The effect of Guidance Program in Modifying Recall Habits in a sample of Students, College of Arts, Western Mountain, Libya

Page 201-237
Dr.Maeda Mardan Al-Taan


The Effect of Brainstorming on Achievement in Assessment and Evaluation Course, Depts. of History and Geography

Page 238-285
Saad Toama Baleel