Volume & Issue: Volume 41, Issue 3, Summer 2016, Page 11-398  XML


A Gender Analysis of the English Language Textbook "English For Iraq" Used in the Fifth Preparatory Classes in the Iraqi Preparatory Schools: An Evaluative Study

Page 11-22
Mahdi Mohsin Mohammed AL-Asadi


The Lexeme (brother) in the Holy Qura'n: A Semantic Study

Page 13-42
Asst. Lect. Majeed Bader Nassir


The Perceptibility of English Sonority Profiling by Advanced Iraqi Learners of English: A Qualitative Auditory- Acoustic Study

Page 23-56
Asst. Prof. Mohammed A. Abdul Sattar As-Sammer; Ph.D; Asst. Prof. Mo


The Chapter of Al-Kawthar: An Analytic Study

Page 43-56
Asst. Lect. Haider Abdul-A; ali Jassim


Negotiation Strategy of Prophet Moses (Peace be Upon him): A Qura'nic Study

Page 77-98
Asst. Lect. Ansam Zaid Mohei


Study of the Messenger's (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him and his Progeny) Living Life

Page 101-130
Phd; Prof. Shokri Nasir Abdul-Hassan; And Asst. Lect. Iman Hassan Muchaiser


Kamel Alasa'ad and His National and Political Role in Lebanon 1952-1976

Page 131-152
Asst. Lect. Hussein Abdul-Hussein Abbas Al-Zuhairi


The Flogging Punishment from Ancient History Until the End of Rashidi Era: A Historic Study

Page 153-200
Asst. Prof. Hashim Dakhil Hussein AlDaraji; Phd


Iran's Position of the Soviet Interference in Afghanstan 1978-1989

Page 201-218
Dr. Farakid Dawood Salman


Evaluation of Tigris River Water and Classifying It for (Agricultural) Irrigation Purposes in Iraq

Page 222-236
Lect. Yahya Hadi Mohammed And Asst. Lect. Hussein Abdulwahid Iktami


Beekeeping in Basrah City: A Geographic Study

Page 237-262
Lect. Ibtisam Katiea Khachi; Phd


Quality of Life among the Students of Basrah University from Their Points of View

Page 265-284
Phd; Asst. Prof. Safa; Abdul-Zahra Hameed Aljama


Hopelessness among University Students

Page 287-304
Phd; Prof. Rifa; And Asst. Lect. Ashwak Jabbar Hmoud; at Abdullah Jasim


Depending - Independence from the Cognitive Field among Fifth Preparatory Class Students

Page 305-334
Asst. Prof. Abdul-Qader Raheem And Zainab Sameer Abdul-Razzaq


The Impact of the Strategy of Express- Plan- Evaluate on the Achievement and Knowledge Impact Transmission among Second Intermediate Class Female Students in Arabic Language Grammar

Page 335-366
Lect. Haidar Mohsin Salman Al-showaili


Time Management Skills among Students of the Colleges of Law and Pharmacy: A Comparative Study

Page 367-398
Phd; and Nawal Mohammed Assaf; Prof. Batol Khaleb AL-Nahi