Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 6, Autumn 2017, Page 1-493  XML


The Geographical Location of Russia and the Geopolitics of Tartus Base

Page 282-293
Phd; Dhahir Abdulzahra Alrubaie; Thanaa Ibraheem Fadhil


The Geo-economic Location of Syria and its Impact on Russia

Page 294-304
Phd; Asst. Lecturer Dhahir Abdulzahra Alrubaie; Dhahir Abdulzahra Alrubaie; Thanaa Ibraheem Fadhil


Population growth in the province of Basrah, according to census projections in 2012

Page 323-339


Teaching Phrasal Verbs to Enhance Learners' Communicative Competence in English with Reference to Iraqi Advanced Level

Page 340-355
Assisst. Prof. Jameel Qasim Hameed; Ph.D


The Metrical Structure of the Words of Some Short Qur’anic Chapters

Page 356-378
Ethar Nooruddeen Jameel; Prof. Balqis I. G. Rashid; Ph.D


The Metrical Structure of the Qur’anic Verses with Reference to /ʔæl fælæq/ and /ʔæn nɑ:s/ Chapters

Page 379-416
Prof. Balqis I. G. Rashid; Ph.D; Ethar Nooruddeen Jameel


The Pragmatic Factor Affecting Speech Intelligibility of EFL Iraqi Learners of English

Page 417-425
Assist.Pro. Dr.Jameel Qassim Hameed; M.A; Kareem Abdul-Zahra Abid


The Relationship between Gender and Reading Comprehension at College Level

Page 426-442
Prof.Ala H. Oda; Mohsen R. Abdul-Kadhim


The Significance of Woman as an Image in Wordsworth's "The Solitary Reaper" and Byron's "She Walks in Beauty"

Page 443-458
Abdul Razzaq Darweesh Abdul Razzaq


The Violence of Translation in the Arab World: A Sociological Perspective

Page 459-473
Assist. Prof. Jasim Khalifah Sultan Al-Maryani; PhD