Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 2, Summer 2018, Page 1-470  XML


A Critical Discourse Analysis of Robert Ferrigno’s Sins of the Assassin

Page 1-12
Jasim Mohammed Hasan


Discourse Analysis of Some Arabic News Items

Page 13-31
Ala; Hussein Oda; Salwa Noori Abdullah


Intolerance among University Students and Its Relation to the Patterns of Family Upbringing

Page 22-59
Sanna; Abdul-Zahra Al-Jama


Facework in the Fictional Dialogue of Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” in Terms of Brown & Levinson’s Politeness Theory: A Pragma-Stylistics study

Page 32-50
Intisar Adnan Abdul Qadir; Ali Afrawee Fahad Al Ghizzi


The Effect of Transactional Analysis in Developing Adult Ego Among Juvenile Delinquents

Page 60-98
Hamid Qasim Reshan; Jaber Obed Salih


A Phonological analysis of neologisms in English children’s Literature

Page 51-68
Balqis L. G. Rashid; Ameer Basim Rasool


The Use of Language Functions to Promote the Foreign Language Learners’ Motivation and Fluency at the Advanced level

Page 69-88
JameelQasim Hameed; Zainab S. Khureibut


Exploring Characters' Interactions in Sam Shepard'sTrue West In Terms of Preference Structure A Study in Dramatic Discourse

Page 89-99
Alaa H. Sharhan


American Military Occupation Policy in South Korea (September – December 1945)

Page 99-115
Ibraheem Finjan Al-Emara; Sawsan Abdul-Majeed Shihab


A Stylistic Study of Hedging in Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Page 100-113
Jasim Mohammed Hasan


Conceptual Metaphors in Two Republicans' Inaugural Speeches: A Comparison

Page 114-131
Hameed H. Al Mas; udi; Saad Chasib Daghir


Philosophy and its types for Al Farabi

Page 146-161


The Intellectual Foundation of the Concept of Opposition and Its Impact on State Building According to Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (May Peace Be Upon Him) and Ibin Khaldoon: A Comparative Study

Page 186-201
Shukri Nasir Abed-Alhasan; Fatima Abed Saeid


The Position of British Embassy from the Prosecution of National Officers (21 August in 1959)

Page 202-213
Furat Abdul Hassan Kadhum; IsraaFalihGhali


Mindfulness and its relation to Metacognitive Thinking and the Need for Knowledge among Students in colleges of Education for Human Sciences and Pure Sciences

Page 268-295
Heba Majeed Issa


The linguistic shift between heritage and contemporary

Page 355-382


Linguistic Inference of some Islamic Doctrines from Quran

Page 383-404
Anwar Aziz Jaleel Al Assadi


The Imaginary of The narrative in the illusion plate whe poets of the pre-Islamic era

Page 405-427


Reasons of Authorship for Arabs:AliteraryStudy of Old and Modern Opinions

Page 428-443
Qasim Kh. M.Alsukainy