Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 7, Spring 2012, Page 1-198  XML


Measurement and Assessment of Health Services Quality

Page 1-59
Safa M. Al Jazari


The Impact of marketing activities on the quality of banking services from the viewpoint of the customer

Page 60-80
Ammar Y. Dhcher


The scope of contribution of in tenetikal accounting standard، application on attracting foreign capitals to local area.

Page 81-122
Aliaa S. Al Shameri


The quality of university learning process and requirement of improving

Page 123-143
Muslem A. Shebli


Methodology Introductions in Filer of Strategic Development Attempts for Higher Education System in Iraq

Page 144-177
Jwad K. Lafteh


Knowledge generation to support innovation in an organization

Page 177-198
Taher M. Al Ghalibi