Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 10, Autumn 2013, Page 1-283  XML


The Impact of Intellectual Capital Management on the Market Trend of Egyptians Firms

Page 1-45
Attef Jaber Taha Abdulrahem


The Intangible Assets which assembled internally and the Requirements for financial Reporting

Page 46-72
Abbas H. Al Tememi; Abdulhuseen Al Saad


The Dimensions of the Health Service s Quality from the point view of the Beneficiaries

Page 73-118
Wafaa Ali Sultan


The Finical Engineering Products to Develop and Activate the Securities Market Function

Page 119-147
Noreen Bomdeen


The Impact of Environmental Survey and Controlling in Marketing Perception for the Environment of Specific Organization

Page 148-192
Nabeel Hamed AL Saweedi


The Effectiveness Elements on Quality Auditing

Page 193-219
Jumana H. Al Temmemi


Reflection of Personal Changes In Self -Perception

Page 220-242
Sendiya M. Al Hayali


The sequential effect Of (TQM) requirements and the organizational change to achieving competitive advantage

Page 243-283
Basam M. Al Taei; Esraa W. Al Sabawi