Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 14, Autumn 2015, Page 1-273  XML


Measurement of the infact of some factors affecting the quality of financial statement

Page 1-39
Auday S. Al Batat; Fayhaa A. Mahmood


The Power of Managerial decisions and their Reflections on the containment of powers Impeding

Page 40-69
Basma I.K.Al Qatan


Competitive Innovation Theoretical Referentiality & Intellectual Dialogical As an introduction to solidify Arab business organizations

Page 70-102
Ahmed Ali Salih


Internal and External Determinants of Stocks Market Value in Iraqi Stock Exchange

Page 103-133
Salem Salal Al Hsnawi


Strategic direction role in capacity building strategy

Page 134-189
Eman A. Mohamed


The Role of Information Quality in the Effectiveness of the Decision-Making Process

Page 190-227
Jehad S. Hani; Nadeen M. Derkel


The Impact of the choice of Method of Measuring the Cost of Production on the Process of Taxation

Page 228-250
Abdul Reda H. Soud


Effected Elctronic management in smart card

Page 251-273
Anwar H.Taha