Volume & Issue: Volume 22, Issue 1, Spring 2007, Page 1-146  XML


Distribution and levels of trace metals in the Red sea coasts and comparison with their levels in the Arabian Gulf.

Page 1-16
M.A.R. Saeed; F.J.M. Al-Imarah; H.T. Al-Saad


Effect of some organophosphorus inseticides on the percentage of total lipid contents in the ovary and gonads of Cyprinus carpio.

Page 17-23
Mehdi K. Jaber; Faris J.M. Al-Imarah; Sophia A. Aitte


The effectiveness of the carnivorous fishes on food resources in the Northwest Arabian Gulf

Page 25-36
U.A. Yousif; N.A. Hussain; A.R.M. Mohamed


Ecological studies of three west Algerian rivers: The river Tafna and its tributary the river Remshy.

Page 37-57
K. Benson-Evans; P. Randerson; M.S. Al-Asadi


Determination of selenium in fish by hydride generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.

Page 59-70
Amal A. Mahdi; Hassan T. Abdulsahib; Nadhum A.N. Awad


Fungi associated with the crab Sesarma boulengeri Calman from Shatt Al-Arab river, Basrah -Iraq.

Page 71-80
Fadhil J. Farhan; Abdul- Hafiz Al-Duboon


Environmental assessment of trace metals pollution in sediment of Khor Al-Zubair, Iraq.

Page 81-92
M.K. Zuhkair; M.A. Al-Hello; I.A. Abd; H.T. Al-Saad


Petrogenesis of sedimentary ironstones in Jabal Sanam structure, Southern Iraq.

Page 93-105
Z.A. Abdul Naby; A.A. Al-Fregi; B.H. Soltan


Ecological studies of three West Algerian rivers: The Habra reservoir and the Mactaa canal.

Page 107-121
K. Benson-Evans; R. Antoine; P. Randerson; Muhammad S. Al-Asadi


Oxygen consumption of the copepod Apocyclops dengizicus from a pool at Garmat-Ali.

Page 123-133
H.K. Ahmed


The effect of temperatures on the feeding of the barnacle Balanus amphitrite amphitrite Darwin in the Garmat-Ali River, Basrah, Iraq.

Page 135-146
M.H. Ali; S.D. Salman; I.M. Abdul-Sahib