Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 1, Autumn 2018, Page 1-144  XML


DNA fingerprint determination for six date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. cultivars using of RAPD-PCR molecular technique

Page 1-17


Cadmium and lead- induced genotoxicity in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. Barhee

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Effect of Glycine amino acid on some leaves characteristics of Date palm phoenix dactylifera L. cv. Bream derived from micropropagation

Page 36-50


Role of marine algae extracts and nutrients in physical properties of of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L Bream and Hallawii cvs.

Page 65-78


Effect of Cultivar, Quantity of Water Irrigation and Spraying with DELZI in Qualitative Characteristics Productivity of Date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.

Page 92-113


The effect of date palm trees spraying with different plant growth regulators on Leaves and Fruits Plant Hormones Content, Antioxidant Enzymes status and Improvement of Production in Basra Province

Page 125-144


The alleviation activity of selenium against cadmium phytotoxicity in date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.

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Effect of different pollen grain source and chitosan on some physiological and enzymatic characteristics of data palm Phoenix dactylifera L. fruits cv. Alshwethey

Page 18-35


A study on some chemical characteristics of Hyphaene thebaica palm fruits, and pectin chemical and physical features

Page 51-64


The effect of foliar spray of potassium nitrate and chelated iron on some physiological and chemical characteristics for date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Nersy cv.

Page 79-91


Study of xenia effect and some treatments on the biochemical characteristics of the seeds and seedlings of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.

Page 114-124